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Christmas Luncheon

Join us for our Christmas  Luncheon at the Chateau Louis 11727 - Kingsway Avenue on December 6th, 2017 at 11:45 a.m. On the  menu is roast turkey buffet.  The cost is $25.00 (includes GST and gratuity).  

Entertainment:  Music by the North Edmonton Seniors Association Choir—the Choralaires

Pre-luncheon music by Mitch Spratt

Door Prize: Everyone is eligible for a door prize.

Luncheon Registration Deadline

Please mark the November 29th deadline for luncheon registration on your calendar. If a member of the Telephone Committee has not called you by 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 29, please contact Pam Roy at 780.473.5598 immediately.

Please Remember: To assist those who are taking monies  we ask you to bring correct change —a $20 bill and a $5 bill.

Donations to the Alberta Retired Teachers Charitable Foundation are appreciated.


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Board Meeting Summary

On November 1, 2017, the Board of Directors discussed the following significant matters at the ERTA board meeting held at the Central Lions Seniors Recreation Centre:

ARTA Walking Challenge

It is hard to imagine anyone walking 1,813,700 steps in thirty days, but that feat was achieved by Esther Dyck from the Foothills branch. Calgary won the ‘most steps’ category with an incredible 32,319,603 tally. Branch participation went to the Okanagan group with 44% of their membership taking part in the challenge. Congratulations are extended to all who took part. Herculean results were not necessary—participation was the goal and every step counted.

To encourage even more people to use walking for physical health improvement, TW Insurance contributed three Fitbits to the ARTA Wellness Committee. Edmonton was fortunate to win one of them and will pass it on, by way of a draw at the Christmas luncheon, to a member who took part in the 2017 Walking Challenge.  

Faculty Club Brunch

The fall brunch at the Faculty Club was enjoyed by forty-seven people—a record number. All of those who had signed up for this event actually attended! The fare was outstanding with a wide selection of menu items from which to choose. Placement in the Saskatchewan Room enhanced the ability to visit as evidenced by the buzz of lively conversation heard throughout the space. It’s no wonder that the brunches are becoming ever more popular!

The next Faculty Club brunch is being arranged for April 7, 2018. A sign-up sheet will be made available at the upcoming Christmas luncheon as well as at the luncheon in March. Alternatively, those wishing to attend can register by emailing Shirley Strembitsky at or by calling her at 780.988.9195. Either Shirley or a member of the board will give you a courtesy call to remind you of the event a week prior to the brunch.

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Important Luncheon News

Scent-free event: For the comfort and safety of members and guests who are dealing with allergies, your cooperation is requested in making this luncheon, and future Edmonton Retired Teachers’ Association (ERTA) functions, scent-free.

Registration deadline: Please mark Wednesday, November 29 as the deadline for registration for the Christmas luncheon. Rather than implement a mail-in registration process to collect payment in advance, ERTA favours the honour system in which registrants pay upon arriving at the venue. Since pointing out ERTA’s payment obligations for meals booked, there has been improvement in the attendance rate of participants. Thank you to all.

Christmas Entertainment

A request, in the fall newsletter, for volunteers to play music prior to the Christmas luncheon was answered by Mitch Spratt. A retired teacher and professional pianist, Mitch has generously offered to provide a festive atmosphere in the ballroom with lively Christmas music starting at 11:15 a.m. To enjoy samples of Mitch’s music, go online to where information about Mitch and the service he offers can also be found.  

This Christmas, ERTA is very pleased to welcome the Choralaires, the North Edmonton Seniors Association (NESA) choir. This thirty-to forty-member choir is directed by Sandi Ollenberger and accompanied by pianist, Vicki McClelland. They will present a number of seasonal pieces prior to leading a group Christmas carol sing-along.

Weekly practices to learn a Christmas repertoire in four-part harmony take place at the centre— formally the Northgate Lions Recreation Centre—beginning in September. Christmas merriment is shared with the community by singing at various events and parties as well as at nursing homes and lodges.

January practices focus on new music for a yearly concert held at McClure United Church near the end of April.

If you enjoy singing, please consider joining this group. New members are always welcome.