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Summer Luncheon

Join us for our Summer Luncheon at the Chateau Louis 11727 - Kingsway Avenue on June 7, 2017 at 11:45 a.m. On the  menu is roast beef buffet.  The cost is $25.00 (includes GST and gratuity).  Our speaker is Stacy Walker—Certified Professional Organizer and Owner of Gettin' Around to It Professional Organizing and Jan Tworek—Professional Organizer and Owner of Less Mess, Less Stress.  Her topic is“Treasures and Transitions:  A Conversation About Downsizing.”

Everyone is eligible for a door prize.


A member of the Telephone Committee will contact you prior to May 31st  in order to provide an accurate count for our caterer.  If you have not received a phone call by 6:00 p.m. that evening and would like to attend the luncheon, please contact Pam Roy at 780-473-5598.

Registration for the luncheon starts twelve days before the event when our Phoning Committee begins to call all of the members. The Chateau Louis is informed of the number of registered guests the week before the luncheon, the meals are booked and ERTA is invoiced accordingly. Once booked, numbers cannot be changed so registrations after the deadline pose a problem.

Please Remember: To assist those who are taking monies  we ask you to bring correct change —a $20 bill and a $5 bill

Donations to the Food Bank are appreciated.

President’s Message

Click here to see our President’s Message.

Board Meeting Summary

The ERTA Board of Directors deliberated the following agenda items and made the subsequent decisions at the meeting on May 3 at the Central Lions Seniors Recreation Centre:

Membership Report   by Cliff Otto

Current total membership                            405

Regular                                                347

Complimentary                                     45

  Honorary life                                         7

  Nonagenarian life                                12

 New members through sponsorship          17

 Number of sponsors                                  15

Renewals due as of June 30, 2017            157

Regular                                                 114

Complimentary                                     43

Total membership June 2016                   368

Increase this year over last                       36  (10%)

Newsletter delivery method

Canada Post                                      138

Email                                                 229

No newsletter (by request) 2

New ERTA Logo

As you can see on the website’s masthead ERTA has a new logo.  After much consideration, consultation and many revisions, we are thrilled to unveil our new logo. Four buildings: The Alberta Legislature, Canada Place, the Enbridge Tower and the Epcor Tower were incorporated into the design because they are immediately recognizable structures on the Edmonton skyline.

The Alberta Legislature was chosen to symbolize the Capital Region recognizing that members come not only from Edmonton proper but from surrounding communities as well. The beautiful river valley running through the heart of the city is a point of great civic pride so it is featured in the logo.

Encircling the logo is an arc that is symbolic of a sunset surrounding a community actively involved in and enjoying the 'golden years.' Bright, cheerful colours lend vibrancy to the logo–an appropriate portrayal of the ERTA membership.

Membership Initiative Draw

June 7 is the last opportunity this year to have your name entered into a draw for a $60.00 gift certificate to a restaurant of your choice. Inform retired friends and colleagues, who are eligible for an ERTA membership, about the association and have them join. Every time you sponsor a new member your name goes into the draw that will be made at the summer luncheon.