Walking: a great medicine

Considerable research is being directed towards analyzing the benefits of daily exercise and those findings are amazing!

A study done at the San Diego State University followed two groups of middle-aged men over a twenty-three year period. One group exercised daily throughout that period while the other one stopped after five years. Researchers found that none of the men in the exercise group developed high blood pressure, but 60% of the sedentary group did. In fact, the active group had blood pressure readings which were 25% below the average of men in their age group.

Numerous studies conclude that exercise results in the following health-related conditions:

…and the list goes on.

It's never too late to start increasing your activity level. Notice that that does not mean 'rigorous' physical activity. Dr. Michael Pratt, at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, said that most of the benefits of exercise that accrue for younger adults also apply to older adults, no matter when they begin exercising. To be active every day is a step toward better health and quality of life.

ARTA Walking Challenge

Keep those shoes laced up and your feet moving right through to June 30 (when this year's Walking Challenge comes to a conclusion) and beyond. In addition to deriving many health benefits from this enjoyable form of exercise, you can boost ERTA's participation rate and add to our total step count.

With more than thirty days left, it is not too late to start. Recording sheets are available by emailing Veronica Hellweg at hellwegv@telus.net or by calling her at 780.456.7640.

In early July, record your best thirty days on the Personal Best 30 sheet, total those steps and send only the final count to Veronica using the contact information shown above. Remember–


ARTA Annual Golf Tournament

It's amazing! Golfers of all abilities have an incredible opportunity to participate  in the 2017 ARTA Annual Golf Tournament hosted by the North Eastern Retired Teachers' Association.

The event takes place on Saturday, June 24 at the St. Paul Golf and Country Club located in St. Paul at 4601 57 Street with a 9:30 a.m. shotgun start.

A fee of $95.00 per person entitles participants to 18 holes of golf, a cart, breakfast prior to tee-off and a full chicken dinner at 5:00 p.m. All of the contestants will receive an ARTA-crested blue golf shirt and the winning team will be presented with four ARTA jackets.

Contests of skill, games of chance and prizes galore complete what is promising to be a fun-filled day.

Information about the tournament is posted on the ARTA website. Go to arta.net, click on News & Events, scroll down to upcoming events and select 2017 ARTA Golf Tournament.