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Honorary Life Membership

Honorary life memberships are conferred based on the following procedure:

The Board of Directors shall delegate to a Selection Committee the responsibility for recommending honorary life membership nominees for final approval by the Board.

Any member of ERTA may submit to the president, in writing by hard copy or electronically, a nomination for honorary life membership provided such nomination is submitted by May 15.

To qualify for consideration for the award of honorary life membership, a candidate must be a current member of ERTA, must have been a member of the Association for at least five (5) years and must have made a significant contribution to the Association.

Although an honorary membership need not be awarded each year, the designation is limited to not more than two (2) in any given year.

Such awards, if any, shall be made at the September luncheon.

Such awards, if any, shall be made at the September luncheon.

Member Entitlements

Membership entitles retirees to receive editions of ERTA’s quarterly newsletter. The newsletter provides up-to-date information about activities (e.g. theatre, outings, tours, etc.) as well as items of interest to retired teachers.

The program for the four luncheons held each year includes musical entertainment or a guest speaker. Presenters speak about health-related matters, security issues, legal subjects, travel destinations, or special-interest topics that are relevant to seniors and are intended to educate or entertain.

ERTA events offer occasions for social interaction with colleagues, acquaintances and old friends and offer the possibility to make new ones.

Members are given the opportunity to go on tours, attend a theatre production and join in other activities at reduced group rates.

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Life Members

In addition to regular and honorary life memberships, ERTA also grants life membership. Life memberships are presented to ERTA members who reach ninety (90) years of age and have been a member for five (5) years.